"The Poké Life", 1996 ⊟

Is there anything more handheld gaming than sitting in the back of a car, playing Pokémon during a road trip, leaving a backpack open by your feet and filled with distractions for the long drive, and bringing a pillow to nap on once you’ve exhausted your entertainment options?

These nostalgic illustrations come from Matt Rockefeller’s upcoming Pokémon zine, which will be featured at Light Grey Art Lab’s STACKS show in Minneapolis (opening August 1st). He will post full versions of the pieces shown here on his Tumblr next month.

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Chie, Gizmo, Judge Judy, Picard, and others as Taito sprites ⊟

Another 100 sprites, done up in Taito’s old arcade style, by pixel warlock Paul Robertson — see his previous 200 sprites here and here.

Please give me a Taito game starring Beavis and Butthead, Reginald and Beartato, and No Face and Zeniba.

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